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Mar 22, 2024


We're excited to share improvements to the conversations module, specifically addressing the email messages experience. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient interaction with email messages, recognising the importance of quick and reliable access to email content.

Email View Freezing: Customers experienced occasional freezing when clicking on email messages, caused by delays in fetching email content, which took an average of 2-3 seconds.

We've addressed this issue by improving the message load time within email threads, enhancing the overall user experience.

This enhancement is a step towards optimizing user experience on the conversations screen, ensuring smoother customer interactions and bolstering the performance overall.

Mar 22, 2024


We are excited to announce the release of SMTP credentials for dedicated sending domains, enhancing your email delivery capabilities and providing seamless integration with warm-up services. This feature empowers you to efficiently manage and optimize your email sending practices while ensuring maximum deliverability.

Key Features:

  • SMTP Credentials for Dedicated Sending Domain: Users can now generate unique SMTP credentials specifically for their dedicated sending domain. This ensures secure and authenticated access for sending emails via SMTP servers.
  • Streamlined Configuration: Setting up SMTP credentials for dedicated sending domains is straightforward and user-friendly. Our intuitive interface guides you through the process, making integration with warm-up services hassle-free.

Here's how to access this Feature:

Navigate to Settings - Email Service -> SMTP Service -> Dedicated Domain and IP -> SMTP Settings under the dedicated domain.

Important Note:

Mar 21, 2024


🎉 We are thrilled to announce the migration of custom hostnames for domains to CloudFlare. Get ready for a faster, safer, and more streamlined domain experience. 🎉

🤩 Key features & benefits

  • Enhanced Security: Enjoy robust protection against DDoS attacks and other online threats. 🛡️
  • Turbocharged Performance: Websites and funnels will load up to 15% faster 🚀
  • Optimized Caching: Intelligent caching means quicker load times for your visitors. ⚡️
  • Effortless SSL: Easy generation of SSL certificates and auto renewal from CloudFlare ✅

🤔 How to switch?

  • New domains: automatically added during the domain connect process.

Existing domains:

  1. Navigate to settings -> Domains
  2. Select the domain which is already connected to flash funnels/level0 and click "Remove"
  3. Reconnect the same domain using the domain connect flow

Important note: Moving forward there won't be level0 or flash funnels to ensure a better experience.

Mar 21, 2024


🎉 We're thrilled to introduce Version History to Forms and Surveys! 🎉

This update gives you the tools to track changes to your forms and surveys, allowing more robust management of form and survey versions

👀 What's New?

💾 Automatic Version Creation: Every time you save changes in form or survey, a new version is automatically created

✅ Edit Tracking Simplified: Every edit is captured as a distinct version, allowing for detailed version tracking. Never worry about losing track of your edits!

⏳ Version Preview: Take a peek back in time! Preview any previous version of your form or survey directly within the builder. Click on the versions icon to see a list of all available versions, complete with timestamps and version numbers

↩️ Restore Previous Versions: Made a change you regret? Easily restore your form or survey to any previous version in a snap!

🕹️ Enhanced Version Management: Our improved interface makes navigating and comparing different versions a breeze, so you can choose the most appropriate version for your current needs.

Get ready for streamlined form and survey management! This feature gives you the power to confidently track your changes and always have the option to revert if needed.

Mar 15, 2024

What’s New? / Key Features / Benefits:

New filter: Template

  • You will now be able to select a Template from the list of templates made by them in the Documents and Contracts section while configuring the workflow.
  • This will enable you to configure different workflows for different templates

New filter: Recipient Type

  • You will now be able to trigger a different workflow based on whether the document is being sent to the Recipient Contact or the Business User itself

New Status: Viewed

  • You will now also be able to trigger different workflows based on the fact that the document has been viewed or not by the recipient

How to Use?

  • Filter: Recipient Type, Template Type

Customize the filter based on Recipient Type and template type to have different workflows for different types.

  • New Status: Viewed

Customize the workflow based on whether the recipient contact has viewed the document or not by configuring the status to viewed.

Why This Feature?

Why This Feature?

This helps to make the workflows for documents and contracts more powerful and increases the usability.

Mar 11, 2024


As most of our users my know, earlier this year My Solar Pro & Qualifye came together to create what's now known as The Pro Platform. We have been slowly rebranding all of our material and applications. Our goal is to make this transition without effecting any of our user's processes which we've done so far! The time has come to swap out our app's core domain!


  • Right now in order to access our app you login at 

Going Forward

What changes?

  • Everything will remain the same as usual, if you currently have our old domain book marked we recommend swapping it out for our new domain for a seamless transition!
Mar 11, 2024


Now you can access the help center & changelog directly from the PRO mobile app!

How to access

In the mobile app, click the hamburger icon to view the side bar >> then click "help center"

Help on the go!

Now you can access help on the go and see system updates a much easier!

What's Next?

We will be adding the Installer network to the mobile app within the next week!

Mar 08, 2024

What's New:

We've implemented a subtle yet impactful improvement by displaying the phone number alongside each user, streamlining the configuration process within the IVR. This enhancement is designed to make the setup more intuitive and user-friendly, empowering our users with an enhanced level of control.


  1. User-Friendly Configuration: Now, users can effortlessly configure the IVR with the phone number conveniently presented next to each user, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: The addition of phone numbers provides clear and concise information, allowing users to make informed decisions during IVR setup.

User Selection Optimization:

To further refine the user experience, we've disabled the selection of users who do not have an associated phone number in the Connect Call action. This ensures that the call forwarding process remains efficient and avoids any potential roadblocks that may arise in the absence of a phone number.

Mar 07, 2024


We’re thrilled to announce significant improvements to our test email feature, aimed at optimizing your email testing process for efficiency and effectiveness. Save time and don’t waste writing emails to - from addresses in every test email.

Problem Statement:💥

a. Previously, users had to manually input the 'from' and 'to' addresses for each test email when evaluating new campaigns.

b. To assess email appearance across different clients or systems, it was necessary to send out several test emails.

What we did?🤩

  • We’ve introduced the ability to set default ‘from’ and ‘to’ addresses for your test emails, eliminating the need to enter these details for every test email you send. SAVE TIME, MORE EFFICIENCY.
  • Our update now facilitates sending test emails to multiple recipients simultaneously by simply separating email addresses with a comma. (For example - adding multiple emails can be added for testing)

How to Use:😎

  • Go to the 'Email Marketing Builder'.
  • Choose a template or campaign, click 'Test Email'.
  • Input 'from' and recipient addresses, tick the box to save as default.
  • Embrace a more streamlined and efficient way to test your email campaigns with our latest update!
Mar 06, 2024

What’s New? / Key Features / Benefits:

1. Fillable Date Field Element

  • You can now easily drag and drop a fillable date field element into uploaded PDFs or documents, streamlining the process of adding date-related information.

2. Custom Values in Fillable Text Field

  • The new drag and drop element allows you to incorporate custom values in fillable text fields, facilitating the dynamic customization of fields that need to be changed for each PDF sent. Eg: Custom name field on a Fixed PDF template which needs to have receiver’s name on it can now be filled automatically using Custom values.

3. UI Enhancements

Added support for moving draggable element via keyboard.

  • Added support for moving draggable element via keyboard.
  • Users can utilize Shift+Arrow keys to easily move (signature/text/date) elements, improving precision in document arrangement.
  • Use Shift+Arrow keys for precision
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys for moving the elements faster.
  • Added new tooltip over every assigned fillable elements (Date, Text)
  • Editors can now hover over fillable elements to view the assigned signer, making it easier to edit documents with multiple signers.
  • Signature Element is now resizable instead of scale.

How to Use?

1. Fillable Date Field Element

  • Drag the “Fillable Date Field” element from the toolbar and drop it onto the desired location in your document.
  • Click on the field to fill the date, customize the date format and other properties.

2. Custom Values in Fillable Text Field

  • Drag the “Fillable Text Field” element from the toolbar and drop it onto the document.
  • Single click on the field and select Custom Value icon to input dynamic values.

Why This Feature?

The addition of fillable date fields, customizable text elements, and improved UI aims to provide users with a more flexible and efficient document editing process.

Mar 06, 2024

What is the Text Formatter Workflow Action?

Sometimes it happens you have the data in a certain format and you need to change it or extract some details from it. Sometimes getting the data in the right format needs a bit of help, which is where Text Formatter comes in. This is a free to use action that tweaks your data to get it working the way you need.

What are different types of Text Formatters and what are the use cases?

Upper Case: Converts all characters in the text to uppercase

  • Transforming user input to uppercase for standardized data.
  • Ensuring consistency in capitalization for output messages.

Lower Case: Converts text to lowercase.

  • Standardising text for case-insensitive comparisons.
  • Lowercasing user-provided content for uniformity.

Title Case: Converts text to title case (capitalizes the first letter of each word).

  • Enhancing the presentation of titles and headings.
  • Improving the readability of specific content.

Capitalize: Capitalizes the first letter of the text.

  • Ensuring proper capitalization for names and titles.
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of specific content.

Default Value: Return the default value if the text is empty, if text is present then return the text.

  • Providing fallback content for missing data.
  • Ensuring a consistent response even with incomplete information.

Trim: Shortens the text to a specified length.

  • Use the Trim action to enforce character limits on user-generated content, ensuring concise and well-structured input within specified constraints
  • Employ the Trim action to generate brief preview snippets of longer texts, such as article summaries or teaser content, maintaining a consistent format.

Trim Whitespaces: Remove whitespace from the beginning and end of text..

  • Enhancing the readability of text with proper spacing.
  • Improving the format of user-generated content.

Replace Text: Replaces occurrences of specified text with a new value.

  • Updating outdated information within the text.
  • Customizing template-based content with dynamic values.

Find: Locates the first occurrence of a specific text pattern within the text and returns its position.

  • Identifying specific keywords or phrases in user-generated content.
  • Extracting relevant information based on keywords found within text.

Length: Provides the character count of the text.

  • Enforcing character limits for user-generated content.
  • Analyzing the length of dynamically generated text.

Extract URL: Extracts the first URL from the text.

  • Collecting and validating URLs from user input.
  • Generating a list of embedded URLs within content.

Extract Email: Extracts the first email address from the text.

  • Validating and organizing email addresses from various sources.
  • Automatically extracting contact information from text.

Word Count: Provides the count of words in the text.

  • Monitoring and limiting the word count in user-generated content.
  • Analyzing the complexity of textual information based on word count.

Remove HTML Tags: Strips HTML tags from the text.

  • Cleaning up HTML content for plain text representation.
  • Ensuring proper rendering of text in non-HTML contexts.

Split: Splits the text into multiple segments based on a specified delimiter.

  • Breaking down comma-separated values into individual elements.
  • Extracting keywords or phrases from a delimited list.

How to use Text Formatter action?

Click on the "+" icon to add an action. You can find the Text Formatter in Internal Tools category or directly search for the action in the search bar. 

Select the text formatter action and choose from the exhaustive list of Action Types.

Trim Action Type - Select the input text you want to trim. Then select the length to which you want to trim the text. These are the mandatory fields. You also have the option to skip characters from beginning, selecting this will remove the number of characters entered in the field from the beginning of the text. Also there is a toggle to add an Ellipsis to the end of the text.

Split Action Type - For split action, select the input data that you want to split. Enter the "Separator". The last step is to select which segment of the text you want returned, you can select from First, Second, Last and Second Last.

Mar 02, 2024


We have added the ability to expand the messaging box when writing emails on the contacts detail page. This makes it much more user friendly when typing out long emails. We added this feature in direct response to users inquires!

How to use

Go to the contacts tab and select a contact. Once one the contact details page select "email"

The click the expander icon

Boom! Now you have more room to type! We hope this helps when typing out longer emails!